Devan Shanmugaratnam Veerasamy is the principal of Renai Academy. A father figure to everyone in the school, he treats everyone kindly and never raises his voice against students. He often greets people, regardless students or teachers, by name.


Age: 4007

Species: Elf

Looks like a middle-aged Indian white-collar salaryman. Has a yard-brush moustache. His face is rather heavy-set.


The Taming of the DragonsEdit

In the year 1725, The Four Great Dragons had already surfaced for almost two hundred years. The Dragons spent the greater part of their time destroying crop fields, causing natural disasters and generally being a nuisance, but the greater part of the world had yet to find a person who could counter this threat. Tired of waiting for someone else to do it, Devan set out on his own to stop the threat of the Dragons once and for all.

In 1726, he managed to track down the first dragon, Dwight ab Goch, and defeated him in a battle that lasted five days.

In 1727, he tracked down and challenged the second dragon, The Four Great Dragons#Fire Dragon: Firanea Pendragon to a game of Seven. He defeated her in the fifteenth round.

In 1732, he tracked down and reasoned with the third dragon, Jin Chen Long questioning whether his tendency to destruction could not be put to greater use. It took a five-hour debate to bring Chen Long over to his side.

Finally, in 1820, almost a hundred years after he started, he finally found and fought with the fourth dragon, Ryuukaze Tenri. After a battle lasting a week, he finally defeated the Wind Dragon, and had finally got all four of the Great Dragons under his control.

This story remain until today the greatest legend of Devan.


Enough to kill you fifteen hundred times and still make a cup of mean Arabica coffee. Upside down. Hanging from a tree. In space. Without coffee.