The First Propella War was a large-scale battle between the forces of Galvenisia and Orlania. The war lasted from 14 May 1994 to 12 Feb 1995, ending in a peace treaty between Galvenisia and Orlania.


Month/Year Event
May 1994 New Technia Governmental Forces (NTGF) land troops start massing at several points along the Orlania border. Then-Governor of Orlania, Gilbert Paul Westbridge, issued a public statement on Orlania being disturbed by this turn of events, and responds by increasing military presence and patrols along the Galvenisia-Orlania border.
June 1994

Galvenisia declares war on Orlania. Within minutes of the declaration, the NTGF starts advancing across the border, taking patrolling forces by surprise and overwhelming the Orlanian frontlines.

August 1994

Galvenisia has already taken over one-third of Orlania. Lieutenant General (LTG) Samantha P. McIntyre, a general opposed to the war movement, argues with Michelle T. Bazritz over the war policy, questioning if a more peaceful method could not be reached. Bazritz ejects her from her office, refusing to grant her further audience. The same month, LTG McIntyre defects to Orlania where they accept her with open arms, taking over general command of the armed forces. With the loss of one of Galvenisia's strongest generals and Orlania's gain of one, the war quickly stalemates.

October 1994

LTG McIntyre officially sanctions ODESA, an underground guerilla faction that has achieved success in various underground exploits. The war starts to shift in Orlania's favour as a result.

November 1994

Bazritz officially reveals the existence of the Starlet programme, a military programme that grooms children from young to operate fighter planes. Citizens of New Technia question the need for using children in wars. Regardless, allowing the Starlet programme members into battle proves effective, allowing Galvenisia to regain aerial superiority.