The Fisi Defence Force is the primary military arm of the state of Fisi, home of the major Roundtable city Nasul City.


9th Tactical Fighter DivisionEdit

Nagase KeitaroEdit

Rank: 2nd Liutenant/Captain

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Squadron: 88th Air Force Unit

Callsign: Adnan 1

Aircraft: FAI FF-008XT

A hotheaded man, Keitaro is frequently disciplined for his lack of tact in broadcasting his colourful opinions over radio communications. Regardless, his piloting ability is uncontested; people liken his unpredictable combat style to that of a "flickering candle flame", earning him the notorious nickname "Foxfire".

Much of his ability in battle stems from his sheer talent with the plane, able to pull off moves that seem completely ridiculous yet leave him in a prime position to attack.

Nagase FuminaEdit

Rank: 1st Liutenant

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Squadron: 88th Air Force Unit

Callsign: Adnan 3

Aircraft: FAI FF-008XT

The polar opposite to her husband, Nagase Keitaro, Fumina's skill in combat is tempered by experience and nerves of steel. While her flying abilities stem entirely from air combat manuals, she has read over fifty texts on aerial maneuvering, including the legendary "Messrschoff Notes". With this kind of knowledge, Fumina is able to react in multiple ways to any given situation, and often uses a combination of moves to attain the best possible result.

Her nickname among Fisi pilots is "Permafrost", stemming partly from her style in combat, but mostly due to her behaviour toward anyone other than her husband.