The Five Chinese Blademasters are the owners of the Five Chinese Blades, legendary weapons that were forged centuries before when the Chinese empire was at its peak. The Blades are weapons of exquisite construction which, coupled with the Propella that had been added to the steel used to make them, are insurpassable in their own field.


  • Affinity: Speed, Striking
  • Personality of bearer: Quick-witted, emotional
  • Phenomenon: Variable length

Takes on the appearance of an unadmonished wooden spear with an elaborate wooden tip. The handles are almost frictionless, and users can attack at ridiculous speeds.

Zengoshino YasukoEdit

  • Martial school: Yong Chun
    • Emphasises many quick strikes in multiple places, rendering the enemy unable to attack. Teaches the importance of stance in attacking an enemy.

While not Chinese in origin, Yasuko quickly proved herself as a worthy martial artist after she took up Wing Chun for self-protection. Going on to win the National Wing Chun Championships in Japan, she gained possession of the spear when she stumbled upon its shrine while scouring for the diamondback snake in the Tibetian mountain region.

The ability of the spear fascinated her, and she quickly learned to adapt her own martial arts for the use of spears. With variable length, she is able to strike from virtually any distance.

Yasuko carries the snakehead tip in miniaturised form on a necklace while travelling.