Age: 41

Gender: M

Height: ???

Race: Moroccan-German/IEU citizen

Profession: Private Investigator


The second successful experiment by the New Technia Governmental Forces' Experimental Weapons Division, Ishmail Kaiser-Rothschild has been placed on a de facto hitlist for defecting from the EWD. Ishmail has also survived Project Einherjar, but it was only through biomechanical augmentations that his body and neural system were capable of handing the induced ESP which Einherjar sought to create.

Ishmail's whereabouts are currently unknown.


As a supersoldier in the New Technia Governmental Forces' 1st EWD, he has the standard modifications that any supersoldier possesses: Superhuman strength and reflexes, as well as enhanced stamina.

Unlike his predecessor Kendra Balthazar DiCapulet, Ishmail's primary ESP manifestation was randomized by the 16th Procedure in Project Einherjar in a bid to improve survivability of the test subjects. He is therefore capable of intercepting and disrupting all incoming electromagnetic waves.

Physical Appeareance: Due to the extraordinary nature of his power, Ishmail is visible to the average person only as a dark black rift. Infrared scanning and thermal imaging have also shown negative results, making Ishmail's true form impossible to deduce save for physical contact. However, Ishmail is completely mortal, as shown when a bullet from a patrolling police officer does get him to drip, and visible (albeit irradiated) blood stains can be found on the floor following the shooting.

Signal Jammer: While the interference with visible light is only immediately apparent around Ishmail's body, his actual power radius extends far beyond that, and is fully controllable at will. At his strongest, Ishmail can effectively shut down radio waves, microwaves, gamma waves etc. in a 1km radius, effectively blocking out communication. He is also capable of "blacking out" an area by interfering with visible light in a radius up to 5m (thus far). How Ishmail is capable of traversing and recognizing objects in dark conditions is unknown.

Signal Amplifier: Although Ishmail's powers effectively allow him to cancel out EM waves, he has also demonstrated an uncanny ability to amplify waves. He can modify his own radio wave signals at any frequency he wishes, and he can amplify microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet or gamma radiation to a far deadlier effect without profound physical harm on his own body. The only limitation to this power is that he must amplify incoming waves, not create them out of nowhere.