Jessica Rivaldi (age 16) is a female student of Asian descent, but raised in a Western country. She comes from a middle-class family which took up residence within the Roundtable as her father, Mr Joel Rivaldi, had taken up a job developing transport infrastructure for the New Technia Rapid Rail Transit System.

Her hair is tied up in two braids off to each side of her face, obscuring her ears. The rest of her hair falls to the back of her head and around the sides, just touching the collar. Her hair is slightly wavy. When school is not in session, she tends to wear a sailor outfit reminiscent of the familiar school uniform style, but occasionally dresses up in something different.

Jessica is a master student who got into Ren'ai Academy entirely on credit and is on a scholarship sponsored by the New Technia Educational Institute (NTEI), saving her the trouble of the hefty school fees.

When she was seven, she had gotten lost in a forest near the border of West Orlania and Erutaretil, and was almost killed by wolves if not for a mysterious lady with snow-white hair who had saved her. The lady had accompanied her while she looked for her parents, keeping her company, but when Jessica had finally reunited with her mother and wanted to thank the lady, the lady had already disappeared as if she had never been there.

Since then, Jessica has been searching for the elusive lady, hoping to join New Technia Intelligence for want of meeting her again. Her hairstyle follows that of the mysterious lady she had met when young.

In Ren'ai Academy, Jessica takes Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Mass Communication.

Abilities & ItemsEdit

Scholarship StudentEdit

Jessica has a natural talent for studying and is a straight A student. She is ranked among the top #20 students within the Roundtable.


Two green ribbons, given to her by the lady who had saved her when she was young. She uses these to tie her hair.