Age: 19

Gender: F

Height: 172cm

Race: Irish/IEU citizen

Profession: Child Intellectual


Adopted by the age of 13 by the New Technia Governmental Forces as a prime candidate to their Experimental Weapons Division, Kendra B. DiCapulet was the first surviving experiment of the infamous Project Einherjar (which had a mortality rate of 98% as of her inception), which sought to create biological supersoldiers.

Now a rogue supersoldier in the outskirts of New Technia, her infamy as a criminal mastermind and consultant has spread across the city. The truth is, she has no purpose but to work for the highest bidder.


As a supersoldier in the New Technia Governmental Forces' 1st EWD, she has the standard modifications that any supersoldier possesses: Superhuman strength and reflexes, as well as enhanced stamina.

She is also a natural intellect, with a documented IQ of 170 on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale at the age of 13. Likewise, her deductive skills surpass her counterparts exponentially, effectively making her a tactical master.

Her primary attribute lies in her being a telepath - capable of not only reading thoughts, but to alter them altogether. While this is commonly used to access and modify memories of her clients so as to eradicate all traces of her existence or to gain additional information, in times of threat she can also access two primary techniques:

Mind Chamber: Kendra can effectively imprison a target in its own mind, rendering it unconscious and trapped for an indefinite amount of time. The potency and duration of this skill depends on the PSI resistance the target possesses.

Tabula Rasa: As a last resort, Kendra can effectively erase all neural connections within the target, rendering it in a completely neutralized state, as if just being born. The target will have absolutely no knowledge of its previous life, and is incapable of walking or speech (save for babbling sounds). While this skill is irreversible, it causes severe internal damage to Kendra's body, often incapacitating her in the process.