Introduction Edit

Lilith Marst is a 17-year-old Caucasian girl of Canadian descent.

Her appearance is that of a schoolgoing student. Her auburn hair is cropped at mid-neck, with the fringe combed roughly to the sides down the middle. A braided forelock hangs down the right side of her face, and she has hazel eyes.

Lilith's father is a fantasy writer, and as a result, Lilith was often exposed to worldwide mythology as a child. She steadily read and absorbed more, becoming almost an expert on ancient mythology.

Items and Abilities Edit

Cellphone MagusEdit

Lilith possesses the ability to be, and is a Cellphone Magus. Such magi utilise the powers associated with the contacts within their phones, thus possessing a repertoire far exceeding that of most ordinary magi. However, the power that can be drawn out is limited to a maximum of 20%, with the amount corresponding to the quality of the relationship between the magi and the contact.

Lilith is unique in that her ability as a cell magus far exceeds that of ordinary cellphone magi, allowing her to draw out power from even non-magus contacts. Each power drawn out this way is unique to the person's traits and personality.

Lilith's ability stems from her resonance ability, which readjusts her torqla circuits to match that of the other party, allowing for a very smooth transition of magitrons over the cellphone network.