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Lucetia Bleufeuille is a pureblood vampire. Born to Victoire Gehwehr and Jose Bleufeuille, her primary ability is the Unified Language, along with the staple of Vampiric Enhancement and her bloodline's unique thaumaturgy, Red Magic. She somewhat dislikes going out under the afternoon sun.

Abilities and Items Edit

Unified Language Edit

Lucetia is able to use the Unified Language. The Unified Language speaks directly into the heart, and as such any person whom she directs a command toward is strongly compelled to follow her instruction. However, it can be resisted, but at great mental discomfort to the target. The Unified Language also cannot be used to directly harm a person (e.g. an order of "Stab yourself" cannot be issued).

However, Unified Language is a draining process, and cannot be used to directly harm the one spoken to.

Vampiric Enhancement Edit

Lucetia, due to her natural vampiric nature, has unnaturally powerful physical characteristics. This augments her speed, reflexes, strength and other physical aspects beyond humanly possible limits. Vampiric enhancement can also lead to flight, but she is as yet unable to.

Red Magic Edit

The Bleufeuille thaumaturgical crest, implanted in her eyes, enables her to use the Red Magic. However, as the crest is not yet fully developed, she cannot unleash the full extent of the Red Magic's powers. When she uses Red Magic, her eyes glow bright red, a result of the mana consumption by the crest in her eyes.

Scarlet Mist Edit

Lucetia is able to spread a dark red, almost opaque mist to darken an area. She can only do so currently in a confined area, and is unable to sustain it for extended periods of time.

Gae Dearg Draiochta Edit

A lance made of compressed, gyrating Red Magic. It functions similarly to a thrown drill bit spinning at top speed. On penetration, the tip explodes violently, and the spear itself dissipates. If penetration is not achieved,the lance can be maintained and pressure kept on the target at the expense of mana.

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Renai Academy Edit

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Lucetia Bleufeuille is a player character in Renai Academy.