Madeleine Dawson (age: 16) is a member of an aristocratic family of Denmark. She takes on the signature olive hair and bright yellow eyes of her bloodline. When school is not in session, she wears a long-sleeved white blouse along with a Cartier watch and a long brown skirt with loafers. She has mild myopia, corrected with a pair of rectangular gold-plated Transitions spectacles. Her hair is slightly wavy, and she wears it in a ponytail.

Madeleine's family is one well-known for its vampire-killing nature and ability. As a result, and because of their non-discrimination between harmful undead vampires and relatively benign true vampires, the Scarlets, Gehwehrs and other noble true vampire bloodlines see them as either an annoyance or an enemy.

Abilities & ItemsEdit

Serration LatticeEdit

In battle, the Dawsons specialise in the manipulation of pages from the Bible as conceptual and physical weapons. Madeleine can wield these weapons to great effect. However, due to the holy nature of their weapons, they are significantly less effective against true vampires than undead vampires.

Madeleine is able to shape the pages to her whim, creating constructs only limited by the scope of her imagination and her mana reserve.

Due to the heavy consumption of her ability, Madeleine has a large number of Bibles in her room.


Ren'ai AcademyEdit

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Madeleine's only appearance so far is in the Ren'ai Academy continuity. There are currently no plans as of yet to introduce her into the main story.