Michelle T. Bazritz is the current Governor of New Technia. She was the instigator of the First Propella War, the Commander-in-Chief for the Empire-New Technia War and was instrumental in the defeat of the World Without Boundaries terrorist group in the First Propella Incident.

Bazritz is widely hailed as the most revolutionary leader of the city of New Technia. Under her leadership, the economic power and technology level of the small county soared almost 1000% for the former and 650% for the latter. She created the New Technia Weapons and Research institute, currently the Roundtable's largest manufacturer of arms, and initiated the modernisation of the city's transport system, resulting in the award-winning NT Kinetics Rapid Rail Transit System.


Michelle's prototype, in a male form, appears in the original Propella MMORPG project concept.

Michelle appears as the main character in the first Propella comic project, an important supporting character in the second Propella comic project and appears as a pivotal non-playable character in the Roundtable roleplay project.