New Technia is the representative Roundtable city and the capital of the state of Galvenisia. It controls much of the technological export economy of the International Expeditary Union. It currently serves as the host city of the Global Space-Travel Programme.

New Technia currently has the strongest military presence in the Union, with the most sophisticated weapons technology, including an Orbital Defense System (ODS SATNET) that fires ion cannon beams to strike at any point on the IEU and beyond. Their power rivals that of the USA military in raw destructive might, despite a statistically smaller population of units.

Corus MinesEdit

The Corus Mines are situated on the Northwest edge of New Technia, within the Corus district. Once a crystal-clear lake of water surrounded by the fauna of the former countryside of Galvenisia, the drying up of the river supplying the reservoir led to the rapid industrialisation of the area. It was under the government of Michelle T. Bazritz that bountiful deposits of iron and copper were found buried deep under the dried up riverbed.

The Corus Mines are the sole economic contributing factor to the start of the First Propella War, initiated under the intentions of Governor Bazritz to further increase the capabilities of the small city.


Main article: New Technia Governmental Forces

New Technia has a sizeable military with cutting-edge equipment. This gives them superpower capability, despite their extremely limited number of actual troops.


Pak Jun-GyeukEdit

Age: 25
Gender: F
Height: 158cm
Race: Korean/IEU citizen
Profession: Architect
Favourite food: Pocky

A Korea-born lady who studied architecture at Goldsmith's College, UK, before moving to the IEU at the behest of Governor Michelle T. Bazritz to serve as the head architect of New Technia's City Development Council (CDC).

Jun-Gyeuk's designs are marked by an extravagance of unpainted stainless steel, hallmarked in the form of New Technia's Millennium Sail. Jun-Gyeuk serves as the chief masterplanner for New Technia's development.

Other buildings she has designed include the Weapons Development Institute and the Waterfront Promenade between the Millennium Sail and the Grand Central Station.

Jun-Gyeuk has expressed that she loves to listen to music when she works, and is often seen wearing a large pair of headphones. Many colleagues have also expressed that her speech has a tendency to go off on its own tangent, and her thoughts are equally hard to make sense of.