Introduction Edit

Renai Academy is a roleplay created for the Fantasia of Gensokyo forums. It is set within the Propella universe, but in a very specific context.

Events of the roleplay take place in a multi-grade institution called Renai Academy. The school's campus is extremely large, and encompasses many aspects not present in most normal schools. Supernatural events frequently take place in Renai Academy.

History Edit

Renai Academy is an institution founded 1000 years ago by the current headmaster, Mr Devan Shanmugaratnam Veerasamy, a 4000-year old pureblood vampire of Indian descent.

List of Characters: DormitoryEdit

Year Ones Edit

All player characters within the RP take this role. This list is arranged by dormitory assignments.

Room 0301: Alex Bai Room 0315: Li Kwon-eun
Room 0302: Richard Flemingway Room 0316: Pamela Paladinne
Room 0303: Kris Rosenfield Room 0317: Shichii
Room 0304: Frederick d'Asgard Room 0318: Constantine Ward
Room 0305: Zero Havoc Room 0319: Dekara Senri
Room 0306: Jorryn French Janneva Room 0320: Portal
Nimue Nanami Nincanegue
Room 0307: Venser Savoir Room 0401: Ellen Engrave
Room 0308: Lucetia Bleufeuille Room 0402: Friedlich ou Iglesacht
Room 0309: Kaizawa Sou Room 0403: Ernest von Gutenschberg
Room 0310: Madeleine Dawson Room 0404: Lilith Marst
Room 0311: Vedeloitte P. Katyushka Room 0405: Jessica Rivaldi
Room 0312: Hitomi Takara
Room 0313: Rika
Room 0314: Linz du Forschet

Year Twos Edit

This list is arranged by dormitory assignments.

Room 0215: Choi Yoon-Joo

Room 0216: Hono Mao

Room 0217: Natsume Yuuji

Room 0218: Noel R. Fitzgerald

Room 0219: Shizuka Ariko

Room 0220: Tatsuyama Miyo

Year Fours Edit

This list is arranged by dormitory assignments.

Room 0103: Driffe Summerdusk

Room 0105: Dahlia Amacylias

Room 0112: Chen Soo Jin

List of Characters: Student Council Edit

The Student Council is in charge of the day-to-day student affairs of Renai Academy, and also handles most discipline matters.

Executive Committee Edit

Main page: Renai Academy Student Council

President: Alexis Crawford

Vice-President: Caitlin DeLoreans

Treasurer: Gerard Schneider

Student Manager: Mitsuoka Seirenji

Facilities Manager: Nam Thoc-Nguyen

Logistics and Equipment I/C: Vladstok Duchovsky

Task Force Commander: Kim Sang-woon

Task Force: Section Seven Edit

Main page: Renai Academy Student Council

Dahlia Amacylias - Frontline, Section Seven #1

Chen Soo Jin - Special Operations, Section Seven #2

Marsha Sylvette Winding - Frontline Support, Section Seven #3

Noel R. Fitzgerald - Spotter, Section Seven #6

Shizuka Ariko - Sniper, Section Seven #7

Staff Edit

Headmaster: Devan Shanmugaratnam Veerasamy

Dormitory Manager: Alecia Dakoce Geraldine von Wunderwaffe

Admissions: Natsume Raita

Food and Beverage: George Tanak

Cleaning: Gerald Tan

Natsume Raita Edit

NATSUME Raita (夏目 雷太) is the head of the Admissions department in Renai Academy. He has short black hair and wears glasses. He prefers to be concise and straight to the point, though he has no problems voicing out anything he feels. Has a soft spot for people who matter to him.


  • Age: 23
  • Height: 172cm
  • DOB: 15/3
  • Type: AB

Hamsters Edit

The Natsume family has a long tradition of training and specializing hamsters. Back in the feudal period they were usually hired by daimyos like they will hire shinobi -- to infiltrate, steal information, or carry out assassinations. However, with the modernization of civilization, these hamsters are now akin to small scouting groups or personal bodyguards.

Even though their roles have changed, the training that those hamsters receive are still worthy of consideration.

Natsume Futsuujinchou Edit

Natsume Raita is in charge of the Natsume Futsuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Normal People), a list of people within Renai Academy who have no power whatsoever.