Introduction Edit

The Renai Academy Ability Benchmark System (RAABS) is a standardised test system used to gauge the strength of individual students' abilities. Where abilities fall outside the capabilities of the computers in charge of classification and gauging of standards, trained staff are used as evaluation personnel.

Abilities are tested based on the most effective single-use power the students possess.

Current Rankings Edit

1. Vedeloitte P. Katyushka Edit

Grand Battery

Power: 100%

Accuracy: 87.48%

Speed: 60%


Power: 100%

Accuracy: 100%

Speed: 40%

2. Shizuka Ariko Edit

BELB - Barrel Expansion Limit Breach

Power: 87.5%

Accuracy: 92.3%

Speed: 95%

BEFF=BRS - Barrel Explosion Final Form = Blast Railgun System

Power: 99.8%

Accuracy: 98.5%

Speed: 83%