The Renai Academy Newspaper Club is a shady outfit that operates Renai Academy's sole source of campus news, the Renai Journal. However, despite it having a monopoly over the sector, its circulation amounts to a total of less than 10% of the campus students, due in part to terrible advertising on the part of the committee and a lack of properly talented members.

Occult SectionEdit

The Occult Section is one of the most popular sections of the Renai Journal, due largely to the abnormally large concentration of superpowered individuals within the school and the Occult Section's team of dedicated journalists.

The Occult Section also serves as the main setting of the side story featuring protagonist Burdoch Glockenspiere.

Renee Chen SiangjinEdit

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 156cm

Race: IEU-born Eurasian

Unhindered, unperturbed, unparalleled vigour. Renee Chen of Class 5-B, Vice President of the Photography Club and Deputy Journalist Photographer (Lifestyle and School Happenings) of the school newspaper, Renai Journal. Despite her department association, she is often assigned to cover other events as well owing to her ability to brighten the mood anywhere she goes and her phenomenal photo-taking speed.

While assigned to the Occult section, she quickly caught on to how suspiciously quickly sightings and eyewitness reports died down after investigations by the newspaper were ordered into them.

Burdoch GlockenspiereEdit

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 181cm

Race: IEU-born Eurasian (Caucasian-Chinese)

The much-troubled class representative of Class 5-B in Renai Academy.

Aside from handling the frequently overwhelming class administration paperwork, Burdoch, as the assistant to the writer of the occult section of Renai Journal, is tasked by the Principal with preventing the underground nature of Renai Academy from leaking into the school papers. Faced with the tireless zeal of his newspaper club superior, Burdoch can only mobilise everything within his means to protect the Academy's secrets.

Burdoch has links with almost every single supernatural community and organisation operating within the Academy and the immediate area of Erutaretil, and is able to call on a vast network of friends and acquaintances to help him achieve his goals. As a person, however, he does not possess any form of supernatural ability, and can only depend on his sharpened wits and quick thinking to aid in his quest.

Among those in the know, Burdoch is known as the one person able to mobilise - instantly - every single mage and ESPer within the Quixantis area.

His only wishes are for his days to pass peacefully, and for Renee - the newspaper's only female photographer - to notice his presence.