Sonya is a character from the DnD-adapted Propellaverse, created for the "Adler Investigation" scenario.

17 years old, she has a full head of blonde hair, tied back into two ponytails. She attends Renai Academy in Erutaretil, taking a course in business administration.

In her holiday periods and occasionally when an offer too good to pass comes up, however, she moonlights as an assassin and mercenary-for-hire, using her well-trained and slender body to her advantage in night raids and skirmishes.

The Adler InvestigationEdit

Nearing the end of the school term, Sonya is suddenly summoned by the principal, Mr Devan. Fearing her own expulsion due to her frequent absences, Sonya prepares a fake medical record to cover her tracks. However, Mr Devan reveals that he knows what has been going on all along, and his purpose is actually to convey a job for her. He had recieved a request from MCG Industries for aid in a missing person case, and being a long-time friend of the CFO, he decided to choose an appropriate person to send for the job. Sonya was that person.

Seeing the payment on offer for the job, and with Mr Devan dangling free credits in front of her, Sonya immediately signs up, joining the party.

Items & AbilitiesEdit

Taurus Model 85Edit

Sonya carries two Taurus Model 85 revolvers as her primary weapons. The revolver fires the 9x29.5mmR round, providing considerable stopping power with reduced recoil due to the low-pressure nature of the cartridge. As a result, she is able to use them one-handed, allowing her to wield one in each hand.

Two Weapon FightingEdit

Sonya is proficient in aiming with both eyes at once, allowing her to attack with both revolvers at the same time. This essentially doubles her effective combat ability in skirmishes, making her an asset on any team.