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Introduction Edit

Miyo is an 18-year-old shrine maiden who takes care of Orlania's most important shrine, the Kihanaraifu Shrine, which worships the goddesses Konomadehana-hime and Seikatsu-osamu-hime.

Both of Miyo's parents died in the First Propella War, inciting in her a hatred for all New Technia and technology in general. She believes technology is what pushed them to war in the first place. She is a member of ODESA, and fought alongside Nakara Kamin among others in the First Propella War. Despite her fragile looks, she is a battle-hardened veteran.

Like all citizens of Orlania, Miyo has, due to the influence of Propella, manifested powers as well. However, her bloodline is irreversibly merged with that of her shrine deities, and thus her manifested abilities are irreversibly linked to her work.

Miyo is normally quiet and reserved, where her words are carefully weighted for meaning before being expressed. She maintains a significant presence even when not speaking. She scoffs at technology, and is extremely cold toward technologists.

Abilities and Items Edit

Ofuda Edit

Miyo, like most shrine maidens, makes use of ofuda (paper charms) in her work. However, her charms are primarily plant-related in nature. She uses her ofuda to set delayed vine traps and throws them as projectiles.

Her ofuda fly extremely fast when thrown and are used as knife-like projectiles. When thrown, they do not explode, but lacerate, and are able to cut through bone. They do not home, but redirect themselves on collision with plant matter. Thus, her ofuda are best used in a forest.

Physisthurgy (Φύσιςθεουργία) Edit

Miyo is able to accelerate and control the growth of plants. She can use this both offensively and defensively, to attack the enemy or to create a barrier of plant matter to protect herself or her comrades. This skill does not work on plants that are infused with Propella.

Herbal Healing Edit

Miyo is able to apply plants effectively to aid healing and cure illness, disease and poison. In combination with her Physisthurgy, this effectively makes her a walking hospital. To facilitate this, she carries seed packets of all kinds within her sleeves.

Kihanaraifu-no-Yari Edit

Miyo's "gohei". The Kihanaraifu-no-Yari is a staff-spear that is also the family heirloom of the Tatsuyamas. In order to maintain the power channel with the gods that traditional goheis have, intricately carved plywood is set in the head of the staff to emulate paper wands.

The Kihanaraifu-no-Yari also has the ability to store Propella within its staff head, which can be used to enhance Miyo's attacks and abilities.

Appearances Edit

Renai Academy Edit

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In Renai Academy, Miyo is a Year Two student.

Propella Project (Story)Edit

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Miyo is one of the main characters of the Propella Story Project.