On 5th April 2011, MCG Industries, a reknowned global supplier of magic-scientific technology, lost its CFO, Mr. Kyle Adler, who disappeared without any information on is whereabouts. Ms. Chloe Adler, the CEO and brother of Mr. Kyle, hired a group of private investigators to find him and investigate the matter.


Notable EventsEdit

Skirmish at C.C.Edit

At the start of the investigation, following a lead, the group enters the local bar C.C., trying to gather information on whether anyone knows Kyle Adler. At this point, one person spots a locked door in the corner, and attempts to gain entrance to the inside. Daisuke creates a distraction by telekinetically hitting a thug in the corner in the head with a bottle, making it seem like a nearby civilian did it.

A skirmish happens when the thugs outside and inside the room notice the door opening. The team proceeds to methodically defeat the opponents, then question the one inside. They gain knowledge that the boss is named Caesius Collingwood, but not much else.

A sofa in the corner of the room is revealed to house a hidden passage to an underground area.

Notable PlacesEdit


A bar in the south of Nasul City. It is a frequent haunt of gangsters under the leadership of Caesius Collingwood.