The history of Propella, in a timeline format.

1858 1939

Year Event
1494 The Propella tree is discovered by Christopher Columbus' fellow journeymen.

Dr. Gerard Carlson makes the discovery of the extremely exothermic nature of Propella. However, this is only circulated in scientific journals, and popular knowledge does not develop.


Dr. Gerard Carlson's journal is discovered by a whale oil merchant who considers its possibility as an energy source. He organises an expedition with a whale oil union, bringing along several researchers and scientists, including Dr. Gerard Carlson's successor, Dr. Harold Fenistrad Carlson.


The International Expeditionary Union (IEU) is formed, with a treaty signed between the parties of the known world to jointly develop the area.


The International Expeditionary Union gains the largest GDP per capita in the world.


A sudden collapse of one of the largest metalworkers in Europe, Banning Steel. Researchers attribute it to the extreme ruggedness of Propella-optimised pots and pans, which demonstrate nigh-invulnerability. A research group is formed to investigate this new property, which they posit to be linked to the usage of Propella.


Ignacy Lukasiewicz invents the petroleum cracking process, producing kerosene. This distilled fuel exhibits greater exothermic properties as compared to Propella, and temporarily takes over as the premier fuel of choice in the world. IEU researchers quickly take on the task of refining Propella.


Gwendelyn Fromovetta, the Head Librarian of the Grand Central Library in Erutaretil, makes the announcement of the existence of magic. Almost immediately, Propella researchers make a breakthrough on the investigation that had been initiated in 1784, realising that it had been its magical properties strengthening the steel all along.


Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. Start of World War II.


The United States of America drops the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. End of World War II.


Alexander Flemingway discovers the Flemingway process, a Propella condensing process to increase the effective energy output of Propella. The IEU once again becomes the largest economy in the world, overtaking the United States.


Michelle T. Bazritz takes over as Governor of New Technia.


Michelle T. Bazritz declares war on Orlania. Start of the First Propella War. The war ends in the same year, four months after its start.


Prof. William P. Carlson invents the Propella Harmoniser.


The World Without Boundaries terrorist group declares war on New Technia. Orlania and New Technia sign a treaty of alliance, and together defeat the terrorist group. This was the Second Propella War, and lasted only five days.