Vedeloitte, Connect version.

Introduction Edit

Vedeloitte P. Katyushka is a character vital in the Propella War and Connect continuities. The two versions are connected as past and future versions. Throughout both versions, Vedeloitte maintains the same personality, but carries a different, more mature appearance in the Connect version.

Abilities & Items Edit

Replication Edit

Vedeloitte possesses the ability to replicate information from books back into reality, a causality reversal process to the standard pathway of real life experience onto paper. This power is limited mainly by the user's ability to carry books, and the size of the user's library.

The information gleaned from Replicating can be mixed and matched with information from other books to create a new form. For example, Vedeloitte can mix Napoleonic Era records with modern-day weaponry, emulating Napoleon's Grand Battery formations with Paladin howitzers.

Mystique Biblica Edit

A powerful ancient artifact, passed down to Vedeloitte by her father. This artifact serves as a spatial key to a dimensional space that can be preset. However, this artifact is predominantly tied to books, and thus can only be locked to areas such as libraries and large studies.

In the hands of a Replicator, the Mystique Biblica serves as an end-all solution, allowing Vedeloitte access to every tome in her vast collection of archives. As a result, she can summon almost anything on the planet, including Internet resources. However, this comes at the cost of time from searching for and drawing the books out of the Mystique Biblica, and thus Vedeloitte predominantly serves a backup and artillery support role in attack teams.

The Mystique Biblica takes the form of a small black book that Vedeloitte keeps close to her at all times.

Probability-Manipulating Gloves Edit

These nameless artifacts are the product of a low-level magecraft with zero history, made-to-order for Vedeloitte for use with her Mystique Biblica. These gloves artificially increase the probability of a random grab within her library being the book she wants to 99%. This simple method allows her to effectively speed up her casting process by virtually eliminating searching time.

Appearances Edit

First Propella War Edit

Vedeloitte was one of the ODESA members from the Orlania resistance faction in the First Propella War, and was instrumental to Orlania's success in repelling the New Technia invaders.

Connect Edit

Vedeloitte is one of the ace characters of the Organisation.